Books that make Chinese easy for non-fluent families

We are passionate about amplifying Asian-American stories and making Chinese accessible for English speakers. Our bilingual books are written in Simplified or Traditional Chinese, Pinyin and English, and include a Mandarin audio reading.

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Today is Mina's birthday! She and her family decide to bake a delicious cake to share with all her friends at her upcoming party. Learn useful vocabulary and every day dialog in this easy to read bilingual Chinese book. 

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My Birthday Cake by Katrina Liu

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Full-color picture books are suitable for kids ages 1 to 6. Bilingual editions available in both Traditional or Simplified Chinese with Pinyin & English.

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Perfect for Early Learners

Books contain beautiful full-color illustrations with easy-to-read extra large Chinese characters, and Pinyin and English for support.

Mandarin Audio Readings

Do you have the books already? Follow along with free audio readings in Mandarin Chinese.

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Mina, the inspiration for the Mina Learns Chinese books

The Inspiration

Our little Mina, the inspiration behind it all! As a mom, it was important for me to give my daughter the opportunity to become bilingual. With very limited Chinese skills I knew that it would be a challenging endeavor. I searched for well-illustrated bilingual Chinese children's books and found very little in the market, especially ones with Pinyin so I decided to create my own and share them with the world. 

My Story
Mina, the inspiration for the Mina Learns Chinese books

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Mina, the inspiration for the Mina Learns Chinese books