Author Services

I offer a variety of author services to support self-published authors in creating a profitable children's book. 

1:1 Book Coaching (5 session package)

+ FREE Self-publisher Checklist


1:1 Book Coaching (1 hour)

+ FREE Self-publisher Checklist


National Press/Media Contact List for Book Authors

Over 1000 media contacts!


List of US Bookshops, Kids Stores

Over 250 independent stores!

North American Chinese School Contact List

Over 400 school contacts!

Children's Book Instagram Influencers

Over 100 influencer accounts!

Bulk Printing Service

Price varies 


Printing in bulk? Leverage my buying power and printer relationships to get a competitive price for bulk printing.


Cover Design

Starting at $600


A well-designed cover is crucial for the success of your book. I designed every single cover of my mine and I can design yours too. Contact me for a quote.

Self-Publisher's Checklist



Overwhelmed with all the things you need to do self-publish your book? I have a handy checklist for you.